Blessed Angels partners with Judson ISD to feed 500 families

The Blessed Angels Community Center partnered with Judson ISD to hand out boxes of food to about 500 families in need Wednesday morning at Alamo United Methodist Church. (Photo, Nathaly Cruz)

Nathaly Cruz

The Blessed Angels Community Center (BACC) partnered with Judson ISD for the first time to help feed students and their families during Spring Break.

Volunteers from Judson ISD and San Antonio Zulu Association, along with Mayor Ivy Taylor, gave away boxes of food to about 500 families in need Wednesday morning at Alamo United Methodist Church.

Marion Thomas, CEO of Blessed Angels, founded the local nonprofit emergency food pantry three years ago.

“I took out the money from my savings and jumped in with both feet,” said Thomas, who feels happy to partner with Judson ISD. “We are working directly with the counselors. We made up the vouchers, and the counselors gave them to the kids that are on the free lunch program.”

The CEO mentioned why it was important for him to help the students on the free lunch program. “Many times, the only meals that they have are ones they get at school, so this is going to help while they are on Spring Break, and that is why we want to do this again in June.”

Mayor Taylor was happy to participate during the event and praised the work that Blessed Angels has done in the past.

“This is a great innovate idea. First, the Blessed Angels Community Center helped seniors who need food once a month. Today, they are doing a special event for Spring Break because there are families who have kids that are home all day and hungry, and you know it can make a big impact on the budget,” said Mayor Taylor. “I think this is great, and I have also been very impressed with the quality of the food and vegetables that are being distributed because that is another challenge we have in our community – eating the right food to keep us healthy.”

Mayor Taylor wants all Latinos to know that she cherishes and values the history of San Antonio. “To all of my Latino brothers and sisters, I just want to say how much I cherish and value the history and culture of San Antonio. This is a majority and minority community, and our past and our history has not afforded all the same opportunities in every part of town and has led to extreme economic segregation.”

Her goal is for every person to have the same equal opportunity no matter in what part of the city they live. “I really want to be part of reversing that and that means that every signal San Antonian no matter where they live has to be part of the equation, connected to opportunities, and so I want to work very closely to the Latino community in order to make that happen.”

Even though BACC is partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank, they still need donations from the community in order to purchase the items. Thomas invites the public to donate.

“Our website is, so they can go online and give a donation. That will help us so much because I really want to do this again this summer,” concluded Thomas.

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