Just a Thought: Hispanics on November ballot

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and former Justice of the Peace and Journalist.

On Tuesday, we will know who our next president will be for the next four years, to include down ballot positions in Texas and here in Bexar County.

After a grueling and an especially hard fought battle to win the hearts and minds of voters of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and other party affiliates nationally and locally, the results can’t come any too soon for many. The hotly contested races will be finally decided.

Here in Bexar County a high number of Hispanic candidates from all parties will be on the Nov. 8 ballot.

With so many candidates running for office, I am only including those candidates with a Hispanic surname. Many races are contested and a few are uncontested. Over the years more and more Hispanic candidates are running for higher office and winning as well.

Hispanics have successfully made gains in San Antonio from the days of the first Hispanic State Senator and Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez, State Senator Dr. Joe Bernal and those that now follow in their footsteps.

A hotly contested race for sheriff is among the many races in play. S.A. veteran police officer Javier Salazar (D) is challenging the incumbent sheriff after winning his primary. Congressman Joaquin Castro (D) is uncontested. In the 21st Congressional District challenger Tony Diaz (GP) is on the ballot. In the 23rd former Congressman Pete Gallego (D) is seeking to win his seat back. In the 35th District, challenger Susan Narvaiz is running a second time.

In State Senate District 19, incumbent Carlos Uresti (D) is challenged by newcomer Pete Flores(R). District 26 incumbent Jose Menendez is challenged by Fidel Castillo (L). St. Rep. Rick Galindo (R), District 117, is being challenged by former Rep. Philip Cortez.

St. Reps (116) Diana Arevelo, (118) John Lujan, Tomas Uresti, (119)

Roland Gutierrez, (123) Diego Bernal, (124) Ina Minjarez, (125) Justin Rodriguez are Democrat except John Lujan(R). All are uncontested except 118.

Justice of the 4th Court Appeals candidate Irene Rios (former judge) will face an incumbent Republican. District judge candidates include: unopposed judges Toni Arteaga (57th), David Canales (73rd), Laura Salinas (166th) – all Democrats. Those with opponents include: Catherine Torres-Stahl (379th), Arecelia Trevino (386th), Frank Castro (399th), Angelica Jimenez (408th), Rosie Alvarado (438th). County Court 5 Judge incumbent John Longoria will face challenger Linda Molina (R).

County Commissioner Precinct 1 is incumbent Chico Rodriguez vs. Republican challenger John Garza, a former state rep. Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 place 1 is incumbent Robbie Vasquez.

Constable Precinct 2 is candidate Michelle Vela, who would become the first female constable should she beat her Republican opponent. For Precinct 4 Constable is Democrat Stan Ramos, who has a Republican opponent.

It is entirely possible that as many as 34 Hispanic candidates to include both major parties could win office in Bexar County. With the Hispanic community growing by leaps and bounds it is entirely possible.

As always, what I write is “Just a Thought.”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Judge and Journalist