Dear Angel: How do I know if I’ve forgiven?


By Angel Santiago

Spiritual coach – meditation teacher – speaker

DEAR ANGEL: I am in the process of healing and forgiving my ex-husband after a very long and painful separation and divorce. How do I know and how can I be sure when I have forgiven? — WORK IN PROGRESS.


DEAR WORK: The loss of a person regardless of how we lose them, is a painful process. What I’m wondering and I’m curious about is, how do you define forgiveness? Forgiveness is a rather misunderstood process. Forgiveness is for you, not for the person that has “wronged” you. It’s so that you can let go of having to carry the burden of the experience, so you can have peace. How do you know you have forgiven him? When you’ve gotten to a place where you can feel love and gratitude for the role he played in your growth.