President Trump arrives in DC

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump exit the military plane at Joint Base Andrews on Jan. 19. (Courtesy photo)

President Donald J. Trump landed in Washington, DC on Thursday, Jan. 19 and officially kicked off a number of inauguration activities.

Before exiting the military plane at Joint Base Andrews with first lady Melania Trump, President Trump stated, “The journey begins and I will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the American people. I have no doubt that we will, together, make America great again!”

The commander-in-chief started the formal inauguration schedule by laying a wreath at Arlington National Ceremony across the Potomac River in Virginia in memory of fallen soldiers.

Afterwards, Trump began the more festive portion of the day with the “Make America Great Again!” welcome celebration, which was held outside the Lincoln Memorial and included performances by country music star Toby Keith and rock band 3 Doors Down, among others.


More than 50 House Democrats did not attend the inauguration, including U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett.  “We are sending a message to Mr. Trump. Respect, like Pennsylvania Avenue, is a two-way street. Instead of uniting our country, his continued unprecedented, unpresidential actions are further dividing it. By repeatedly taking the lowest road, he is not showing respect for the highest office. We are in for a long struggle that must strategically utilize every nonviolent opposition tool available,” he stated.