District 2 welcomes street improvement unveiling

    District 2 Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw recognized the official opening to road maintenance construction for two street projects in his district Wednesday morning. (Photo, Christina Acosta)

    Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw (D2) and city officials celebrated the end of construction for two street projects in District 2 on Wednesday morning.

    Olney Drive from Pansy to Ginger, and Pansy Lane from Byrnes to the dead-end of the street were reconstructed to provide proper street drainage. Both streets received new asphalt pavement as well as new curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches, ADA wheel chair ramps at intersections, as well as new top soil and grass along the right of way areas.

    “This new [City] Council is talking about equity,” said Councilman Shaw (D2). “For years, this street has had drainage issues, but with the help of Transportation and Capital Improvements (TCI), City Council and a lot of members of the community, we were able to see the completion.”

    Both streets fall under both Proposition 1 and Proposition 2 phases of the $850 million bond that was passed this May that was approved by voters. Seventy percent of the bond will go towards Proposition 1 that will focus on building and reconstructing 2,155 miles of sidewalk gaps. There are currently 64 projects in the first proposition.

    The second proposition authorizes the City of San Antonio (COSA) to issue municipal bonds, the proceeds from which will be used to provide drainage and floodwater improvements and facilities to be used for the removal of and protection from harmful excess water. This proposition will also provide for the acquisition of lands and rights-of-way necessary for such purposes and for the acquiring and installation of relevant public art.

    The 19-project proposition is estimated to cost just over $138 million. $2 billion is needed to address flooding in San Antonio by bringing the drainage infrastructure to current design standards.

    A combined $280 million was funded with the 2007 and 2012 Bond Programs dedicated to drainage and flood control projects. The 2017 Bond will continue the progress of resolving flooding in the community.

    “We will work through the budget with a great network and team. TCI does great work for the city, bringing the community together, so we can be involved in the process,” continued Councilman Shaw (D2). “I think the budget is fair and District 2 will receive sufficient funds that have been desperately needed and so we need to move the ball forward to get these streets, drainage, sidewalks to be put in.”

    The project was managed by TCI for COSA. The consultant for this project was $580,000 from the 2016 Street Maintenance Program as part of the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP).

    “We are going to move the ball forward and I am really excited about these projects and the projects that are coming. There is a lot of work the community is doing,” concluded the Councilman.