Compassionate Cultivation sells first medical CBD oil in Texas

Families gathered outside waiting to purchase CBD oil. (Photo Patricio Calvo)

On Feb. 8, Compassionate Cultivation made history, selling the first medical cannabis oil for epilepsy patients in the state of Texas. The Menchaca-based company began growing its first crop in November 2017 and debuted it for the world to see.

With several states across the country already realizing the potential for CBD oil’s medical properties, Texas is now catching up to the curve. On a radiant afternoon just south of Austin, several patients quickly crowded the newly opened dispensary located onsite of the Compassionate Cultivation’s growery.

Christy Wilkins was the first Texan to purchase the medicinal oil, not for herself, but for her two-year-old son, Oscar, who suffers from chronic seizures due to epilepsy. Both mother and son sat in the dispensary lobby surrounded by cameras and reporters eager to hear the journey the two have taken to get to this day.

“It’s really hard. As a special needs parent, to research all these available options and it’s so frustrating when you find an option, that’s a good option that has worked in other places, but you can’t get it.” Wilkins said. “I’m happy that this day has finally come for Texas.”

Soon the reporters and cameras were pushed out as more and more patients filled the dispensary lobby eager to receive medicine.

Before being able to purchase the medicine her son needs, Wilkins’ son, and all other patients are required to see a neurologist. Compassionate Cultivation offers a list of local Texas neurologist on their website to assist in this processes. After approved for the use of the CBD oil patients merely need to bring their prescription to CC much like a regular pharmacist to pick up the dosage they have been prescribed.

Just outside of the dispensary doors, which had a line stretching into the parking lot, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation’s Morris Denton mingled with patients and family members who were grateful for this day.

“Today is the start of everything” Denton proclaimed. “It is the end of the beginning. The work ahead is to continue to provide patients with the highest quality medicine we can produce.”

From the first crop in November of 2017, to the first harvest day, and now selling the first medical CBD oil in Texas, it has been an oddesse of hurdles for Denton and his team. But it something that he says has been worth it to see come to fruition. Many obstacles still face this new company and new age shift to medicinal marijuana products, but the one constant is that the future is never certain.

“Even if you told me in 2015 that would be here, I would tell you no way. Now look where we are,” Denton concluded.