Tim Duncan inspires River Walk mascot name

San Antonio River Walk’s duck mascot was named Timmy Duckin. (Courtesy photo)

Old Man Riverwalk, Tim Duncan, served as inspiration for naming the San Antonio River Walk’s duck mascot, Timmy Duckin. The duck has remained nameless until now.

“Many names had been suggested over the years, but none of them really fit, until now,” stated Maggie Thompson, executive director of Paseo del Rio Association.

The big, friendly yellow duck has been without a name since he was adopted by the Paseo del Rio Association in 2010. Originally, he was just the mascot for a single event, Ford Lucky Duck Race, but soon he became a favorite and started making more appearances at events organized by the Paseo del Rio Association.

“We have been wrestling with a name for some time now,” Thompson added.

The parallels between the two are many: both are the tall, loveable, quiet type. Both have an unassuming presence that people are drawn to. Duncan’s nickname, Old Man Riverwalk, sealed the deal.

Paseo staffer, 22 year-old Alex Ramirez was born and raised in San Antonio. He can’t remember a time when Duncan wasn’t on the Spurs.  Ramirez admitted to shedding a tear when learning of Duncan’s retirement.  Ramirez has recently served as the animation “inside” the duck.

“We were in our usual Monday morning staff meeting, discussing Duncan’s retirement announcement, when Rose Sanchez suggested the name. The entire staff instantly agreed and well, it just seemed like we finally have a name that makes sense on so many levels,” Thompson added.

Timmy Duckin will continue to make appearances at events on the River Walk and will proudly recall his namesake inspiration. “I hope someday to have a photo of Duncan and Duckin together,” Ramirez stated.