Rey Feo surprises students at Spanish Grove Academy

Rey Feo and his court made a special visit at Spanish Grove Academy on March 28 to motivate them to stay in school. (Photo, Nathaly Cruz)

By Nathaly Cruz

Rey Feo, Fred Reyes, and his court recently stopped by Spanish Grove Academy (SGA) to motivate students to stay in school and believe in themselves.

Rey Feo was also accompanied by a few of the famous Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader, to entertain the students with an exciting performance. The students, in return, sang a spring song and gave him and all of his court presents.

The students were also greeted by The Queen of Soul, Malia Martinez, who is also a teacher at SGA, and Lo Bello Women’s Association’s 2017 la Reina Linda, Christina Martinez, who is also the owner of SGA.

Martinez is a true role model. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she is currently a freshman at Lakeview Community College and plans on becoming a physiologist.

As the Queen of Soul, Martinez, 18, was awarded a $3,000 scholarship award and supports the organization’s purpose to provide scholarship programs to aid young women attain their academic goals.

It has not always been easy for Martinez; however, sharing her personal adoption story has been a gratifying experience.

“I’m adopted, which was one of the reasons why I was hesitant to do this and share my story. I had never publicly shared it,” she said.

Martinez was born extremely sick due to her biological mother being addicted to drugs. “I was addicted to whatever she was on. So, I was put on critical care,” she added. Her adopted parents were stationed in Honolulu at the time and decided to adopt her.

She was 6 years old when she and her two brothers found out they are all adopted. “I broke down. I was so young, and from then, I definitely struggled with my identity growing up because I didn’t have anything to look back on,” she recalled.

Today, Martinez sees this as an opportunity to encourage and inspire other young children. Her ultimate goal is to explain the importance of higher education in order to succeed in life.

Martinez was crowned on March 11. She never imagined that she was going to become this year’s Queen of Soul since it was a very stiff competition. “There were six girls. I got crowned and I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ In my mind, I was so in shock,” she shared. Martinez knows that sharing her story with other children will motivate them and that is one of the reasons she joined.

Vice President of the Fiesta Commission Joe Ramirez also assisted this exciting event. Ramirez wants to invite everyone to Fiesta, taking place April 20-30. “During those 11 days of Fiesta, there are over 100 organizations involved in putting the event and they are all raising money for different charities and for scholarships. It is just a bright way to party, Viva Fiesta!”

All of the money raised during Fiesta will go towards helping all the citizens of San Antonio. For more information about all the events that will occur during Fiesta please visit

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