Noche de Azul Esperanza presents three summer concerts

The Summer 2016 Noche de Azul de Esperanza concert lineup includes three concerts: Bésame Mucho, La Sirena and Sor Juana. (Courtesy photo)

The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center announces the Summer 2016 Noche Azul de Esperanza concert lineup. Each month, Azul Barrientos will take her audience on a journey through the night’s theme weaving music and multi-media story telling.

June 25- Bésame Mucho 

June’s Noche Azul will take the audience through a journey of the History of the Mexican Bolero. Barrientos will pay homage to its songs, composers, musicians and singers. She will especially highlight female composers such as Consuelo Velázquez, who composed the famous song “Bésame Mucho.”

July 16- La Sirena

July’s Noche Azul will focus on the legends, songs and stories dedicated to “La Tlanchana,” the Mexican siren.

“From our inland towns, the Atltonan Chane, ‘La Tlanchana’ or ‘Mamá Lanchana,’ Goddess Woman, resident of the lakes, islets, boulders, water springs and lagoons. Her skin is gray or black, fish-woman, serpent-woman. The Lanchana is our Siren Mother and keeper of our fresh waters.” – “Sirena de Tule” by Jorge Arzate S.

Aug. 20- Sor Juana 

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is a 17th-century colonial Mexican poet, playwright and intellectual. Sor Juana is known for her homo-erotic poetry and feminist writings that show that she was a woman before her time.

Featuring a new theme and musical lineup each month, Noche Azul showcases traditional Mexican songs while highlighting the cultural influences and interconnections between Latin America, Africa, Europe, the United States and Mexico.

The doors open at 7:15 p.m. and ticket prices are $7 at the door, but the center has a más o menos policy where they will not turn away anyone for not being able to pay and also encourage people who can afford to pay more to donate more so that others can pay less.

Seating is first-come first-served and concessions will be available. For more information, please visit