Newly renovated Santikos Embassy is a love letter to golden era Hollywood

The Santikos Embassy renovated lobby. (Photo, Trey Hilburn)

By Trey Hilburn

The Santikos Embassy theatre received a top-to-bottom renovation this year. The North Side theater opened its doors to media Thursday night to reveal its new aesthetic. The theater now acts as a love letter to the golden era of Hollywood.

The Embassy now features, a classic Hollywood look and feel. The lobby is filled with elegant furniture, where moviegoers can wait and lounge comfortably. The full service bar features a varied selection of craft beer as well as mixologists to mix-up cocktails.

The entryway now features automated touchscreen kiosks to purchase tickets from, as well as a walk of stars that display the names of charitable organizations. Both the lobby and hallways are now decorated with glass cases that contain movie memorabilia. A life vest from “Titanic,” Darth Vader’s melted helmet from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Armor from “Ben Hur” and many others are snapshots of movies, both classic and contemporary.

Movie memorabilia lines the lobby and hallways. (Photo, Trey Hilburn)
Movie memorabilia lines the lobby and hallways. (Photo, Trey Hilburn)

Concession still serves favorites like popcorn, candy and soda. In addition, Santikos Embassy now has special menu items that range from appetizer options, like a cheese and fruit platter and roasted vegetables, to hearty options, like chicken pesto flatbreads and chicken bacon club sandwiches.

Auditoriums have been given a complete overhaul as well. The curved screen runs from wall-to-wall to provide optimal immersion, laser projection, premium sound and luxury, electronic reclining-seats. A small table on a swivel is attached for dining convenience.

Auditoriums feature luxurious electronic recliners. (Photo: Trey Hilburn)
Auditoriums feature luxurious electronic recliners. (Photo, Trey Hilburn)

The Embassy opened in ’83 under the John Santikos, son of chain founder Louis Santikos. Prior John Santikos’s passing, he donated the Santikos chain to the San Antonio Area Foundation. In 2015 the donation set records.

To keep the spirit of donations churning, Santikos donated half-a-million dollars to several nonprofits.

The re-imagined Santikos Embassy is now open.