Councilman Treviño unveils new performing arts organization

The South Texas Symphonic Orchestra (STSO) was unveiled on Tuesday to be the new performing arts organization that will take San Antonio by storm. (Photo, Christina Acosta)

District 1 Councilman Robert Treviño announced on Tuesday that the city has a new performing arts organization that will bring music to your ears in San Antonio and Bexar County.

The South Texas Symphonic Orchestra (STSO) was made for classically trained musicians who have careers, but enjoy playing music with other skilled musicians and for a crowd. The organization welcomes everyone from any background and culture whether they are healthcare professionals or music educators to teachers and retirees. The organization provides opportunities for volunteer musicians over the age of 18 to play with excellence in order to enrich our community with relevant artistic and educational experience.

The man behind the organization is Artistic Director Dr. Ronnie Sanders, who made his Carnegie Hall conducting debut in June 2005 and has earned two Grammy Signature Awards for excellence in music education.  He currently serves on the Texas Commission on the Arts and holds advanced music degrees from the University of Houston and Boston University.

“A number of years ago, I heard a musician say to another musician, ‘let’s get together to play music just for the fun of it.’ The hurdle of inspiration is what led me to form an organization where musicians can come play music together in a high artistic level,” Dr. Sanders told La Prensa.  “We are going to take music to places where no one has gone before. We are also planning to reach underserved communities and provide free children’s concerts once a year.”

The next step to put the organization on a higher level is to have musicians audition. The STSO would like to invite those who can play the piano, violin, tuba and more to visit the website and fill out the online application. Once they are aware of how many people we have signed up per instrument, they will provide you with a selection of dates and times from which to choose.

After all auditions have taken place, you will be notified by email which concerts you have been selected to play.  You will be given a rehearsal schedule, which begins in September, and be asked to make a commitment to attend all rehearsals and play for all concerts assigned up to the full season (four concerts) if needed.  You should expect to attend four to five rehearsals before each concert.

The 2017-2018 season will be as follows:

  • Concert One: “A Night in Old Vienna” – selections from Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms
  • Concert Two: “A Texas Holiday!” – the best of seasonal favorites
  • Concert Three: “Americana” – an Aaron Copland tribute
  • Concert Four: “Broadway Comes to Texas” – highlights from Broadway’s most popular musicals

Dates for the concerts will be posted on the website in the coming months. Single concert tickets will be

$15 for orchestra center in rows 1-10 and general admission is $10 for rows 11-30. Season tickets for four concerts is $50 orchestra center, left and right for rows 1-10; and $30 for orchestra center, left and right in rows 11-30. All tickets will go on sale on Sept.1.

“I think that it is important that South Texas Symphonic Orchestra will be accessible to all. San Antonio carries the musical palette that will provide musical tastes and styles that make our beloved city whole. I’m glad that this organization was created to make those who love music come together to perform great music in a fun and safe environment,” concluded District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño.

For more information, you can call (210) 843-2609, email or Kvisit