Over 100 partners and hosts to participate in Dreamweek 2017


Beginning Friday, Jan. 6 through Wednesday, Jan. 21, San Antonio will engage in the fifth annual DreamWeek summit of events. Planted in a city that thrives in diversity, DreamWeek aims to bring people together to attend a myriad of partner-hosted events throughout the city. This multicultural convergence of thought is designed to spread awareness and enlightenment on tolerance, equality and diversity.

San Antonians can inspire the start of their new year by attending the DreamWeek Opening Ceremony Breakfast with opening remarks from Mayor Ivy Taylor. Expanding on the success of previous years, DreamWeek will continue to keep with the spirit of inclusion, as there are events for all to participate in and enjoy including a series of keynote speaking engagements, evening mixers, live music, culinary galas, film screenings, art gallery exhibits, panel discussions, health and fitness expos, and more.

Throughout the events, participants honor the past, take stock of the present, and present a vision for the future. DreamWeek coincides with the MLK March, which is one of the largest marches in the country. The march is organized by the City of San Antonio Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, which is celebrating 30 years as one of the city’s leading volunteer organizations.

“Our fractured nation has had, for some time, a challenging time dealing with divisive issues such as race, immigration, gender and abortion. In a difficult and trying 2016 election year cycle this was compounded by the ‘dislocation’ of facts and the ‘resourcing’ of truths. Our goal for the 2017 summit is to stimulate an interest in receiving and accepting a balance of opinions, voices and tastes in a manner which allows for individual representation,” stated DreamVoice, LLC President Shokare Nakpodia. “Within this context, we advance that truth is a mirror, and our community in its entirety should be on display… blemishes and all.” Nakpodia continued. “We can only choose what we are to become, but not what we have been. DreamWeek 2017 aims to consolidate the progress made by our hosting partners and set up more paths to reveal our capacity for tolerance, diversity and equality as an enlightened community.”

DreamWeek is presented by DreamVoice, LLC, a collection of civic-minded individuals who are committed to advancing and modernizing the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and humanitarians like him. The summit kicks off at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 6 with an Opening Breakfast Ceremony. For a full list of events and ticket information, please visit www.dreamweek.org.

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