Twang commemorates 30-year legacy in San Antonio

Twang is celebrating its 30-year milestone with two new flavors of Beer Salt, orange and michelada, as well as a new sriracha-flavored Twangerz that pairs well with certain food or beverages. (Photo, Jessica Giesey)

As the New Year rings in, local company Twang Partners celebrates 30 years of producing the highest quality salty and smooth blends to taste food and beverages in a different way.

To celebrate the anniversary, Twang released two new flavors of Beer Salt, orange and michelada, as well as a new sriracha-flavored Twangerz. Roger Treviño was inspired to make the product when he went on a business trip to Mexico in the 1980s and came across a street vendor selling citrus salt, reminding him of the flavors he enjoyed growing up in San Antonio.

After returning home, Treviño researched, worked in his garage and, eventually, developed citrus flavored salts for snacks and beverages in 1986. In fact, he even got his wife Debra and four children Roger Jr., Patrick, Elysia and Jacob to help him sell at local grocery stores and go around in their truck to sell the product door to door.

“Over the years, we have seen incredible excitement from consumers around our different product lines,” expounded Treviño, founder of Twang Partners.  “Part of what motivates us is the response and enthusiasm of consumers when we release new flavors and products. They genuinely bring smiles to consumers’ faces, and that’s what we love and why we continue to expand operations.”

Today, the four children, along with their father, are running the business and Twang products are continuing to boost in sales. Over the past five years, sales have grown over 38 percent for Twang.

“We grew up in a big Hispanic community, who are familiar with the taste and the idea that it revolves around, so San Antonio has been good to us,” Elysia told La Prensa. “We are constantly getting fans, and people tell us how much they love our products. Some of our loyal Twang fans, who grew up on it, have told us that they not only use it for beer, but also as candy.”

With this boost in sales and manufacturing, Twang is expanding their location to include an additional 25,000 square feet to enhance manufacturing capabilities, reaching over 50,000 square feet of Class A manufacturing space.

The company also employs a consistently growing number of staff members, and from that group of more than 50 individuals, over half have worked with the company for over five years. Currently, there are seven lines, which can be found in grocery, convenience, liquor and specialty stores nationwide in 38 states.

In addition to working with local partners like Taco Cabana, Twang has partnered with some of the world’s top food and beverage brands such as Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group, Margaritaville Foods, Starbucks, Sauza, Midori, Grand Marnier, Anheuser-Busch and Crown Imports to create an array of innovative and successful custom blends. In the future, Twang hopes their product can help clients celebrate more occasions, as well as expand to more tastes and more flavors to the palette.

“We are continuing to build brand awareness and telling people what the life of Twang is about,” said Elysia. “Now we have different product lines from snack topping, coffee toppings, beer and margarita salt. We are continuing to look for more occasions to expand on and trying to find developmental products. Finding more is our vision.”

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