Braza Brava conveys authentic Italian cuisine to San Antonio

Braza Brava Pizzeria Napoletana delivers authentic Italian cuisine to the local community with a variety of dishes like the Pizza Carne and Short Ribs pasta. (Photos, Christina Acosta)

Braza Brava Pizzeria Napoletana, located at 7959 Broadway Ste. 300, has provided homemade Italian cuisine for the past two years with fresh ingredients and satisfied customers.

Once you step into the restaurant, the red-tiled Neapolitan oven will catch your eye, knowing that your pizza is made the right way or, the Italian way. Opening the menu, you will find a great wine selection that will pair with your dish, effortlessly.

General Manager Rosa Valdes expounds that the original idea to open a restaurant was a different vision from Italian food. However, with the restaurants success, she feels truly blessed with the opportunity for business and looks forward to many years of serving and growing with this community.

“It was supposed to be a Mexican restaurant, but when I saw this place I thought ‘[customers] don’t need another Mexican restaurant in this area’… We decided on Italian food, and we hired an Italian chef to make things right,” Valdes told La Prensa. “He taught us how to do everything from scratch including our dough, cheese and pasta. Our salamis and most cheeses are imported from Italy… He has taught me that there is a difference between homemade and generic pizza.”

La Prensa recently went to try this restaurant for our month of love for pizza, and we were happy to taste a different kind of pizza that you would not find on Broadway Street.

Valdes recommended us to try the most popular item on the menu: Pizza Carne. Biting into it, you could taste a small amount of fresh ingredients rather than something that is greasy and consists of more than 15 ingredients.

The spiciness of the salami was not too strong but did make the pizza taste like ham. The tomato sauce had the right amount of a sour flavor. The crispy crust did complete the dish to be one great authentic Italian pizza experience.

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Although this is not a pizza dish, the Short Ribs pasta deserve recognition for being an Italian staple that originated as early as 1154 in Sicily. It is unusual to see a combination of ribs and pasta, however, once you bite into it, there won’t be regret.

After being braised in red wine, the short ribs are placed on a bed of homemade papardelle pasta in a white wine pomodoro and basilica. There is a mild level of salt in the meat that pairs well with the pasta.

The dish tasted well and the ribs were cooked to perfection – enough to get it off the bone. Although there were not any flavors overpowering with one another, the dish tasted exceptional and was light enough to move along your day rather than feeling as if you needed a nap.

The overall experience was light in flavor, but outstanding in taste and service. When asked what their plans were for the future of the restaurant, Valdes said she hopes to see an expansion to provide all San Antonio residents with an authentic Italian restaurant.

“I would love to have more restaurants all around San Antonio, but for now, I would like to see this place full all the time,” concluded Valdes.

Braza Brava Pizzeria Napoletana is open Monday through Thursday from 11a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 11a.m. to10 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, visit or call (210) 320-2100.